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Solution support

TESS is capable of providing effective and efficient support for the needs of each client through the design and implementation of interconnection platforms either on protocols SS7, VoIP (Voice over IP) and others.

The Support Package may include the configuration and maintenance of:

- Flexible message routing

- Support for Number Portability.
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Network Management Systems

TESS support services provides mutual benefits for all involved in a free market in telecommunications:

- For Regulators

- For Operators

- Government

- Final Consumer
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TESS is a technology services and support provider based in Miami, FL. Since its inception, TESS has provided support to a variety of telecommunications operators and regulators in different countries and various governments in Africa

The evolution of technology, openness, the release and the end of monopolies of telecommunications markets has triggered a series of requirements for the control and management of communications.

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- Number Portability

- Revenue Assurance

- Billing Interconnection

- Quality Assurance and Auditing
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